The PYTHONS stands for:

P – Positive |  Y – Youth | T – Thriving in | H – Haringey | O – Obtaining | N – Notable | S – Success

The PYTHONS is a hall of fame of young people from Haringey who have achieved and continue to achieve high levels of success. They are true life peer role models for young people in the borough and proof that in Haringey, you can achieve success.

In January 2014 The PYTHONS were formally inaugurated in a certificate evening in Parliament hosted by David Lammy MP. Below are the photos

They will soon begin working in schools across the borough running inspirational workshops to ensure young people in Haringey have access to real life local role models to confirm they too can achieve.

After weeks of debating (and arguing)  below are the young people we believe have what it takes to be one of The PYTHONS:

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