Positive Images Poster Campaign

 Positive Youth News Haringey launch their poster campaign this month to challenge the negative stereotypes of young people in the borough.

As part of their PYTHONS (Positive Youth Thriving in Haringey Obtaining Notable Success) project, 14 young people from across Haringey will be highlighted to showcase their achievements and challenge the perception many have of young people from the borough.

The Positive Youth News Haringey team, which is led by 10 young people aged 16-25 from the borough worked throughout the summer on preparing the campaign and production of posters, including the organising the photoshoots at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham.

“With so many young people doing great things around the borough which goes largely unnoticed, we believe it is time to show off the different varieties of achievements and successes of young people from Haringey. We believe this campaign is a great way of showcasing young people and challenging stereotypes”. – Nali, 21 PYN Haringey Team Member

The poster campaign was made possible thanks to funding from Haringey Council as is part of a bigger project which will include creating a PYTHONS inspirations booklet to accompany a series of school workshops to raise young people’s aspirations and challenge their own perceptions about what success can be achieved because you are from Haringey.

“It is really important that young people feel proud that they are from Haringey and not see it as something that will hold them back. We hope the poster campaign and school workshops will also encourage young people to view themselves differently and are motivated to do bigger things than they have been led to believe is possible” Monique, 16 PYN Haringey Team Member

The poster campaign will officially be launched at a VIP event at London’s City Hall, hosted by Haringey Assembly Member Joanne McCartney on the 9th September 2014. Soon after the posters will be available for schools, colleges, libraries, youth centres and community spaces to display.

If you would like a set of the posters to be displayed at your school, college or organisation please email Haringey@PositiveYouthNews.co.uk or you can download them via the links below. 

Glenn (Click To Download) | Kwame (Click To Download) | Tanisa (Click To Download) | Mekz & Derek (Click To Download) | Linda (Click To Download) | Shayan (Click To Download) | Winnie (Click To Download) | Anna (Click To Download) | Angela & Isabella (Click To Download) | Joe (Click To Download) | Nali (Click To Download) | Zoom (Click To Download) | Erika (Click To Download) | Josh (Click To Download) | Nick and Ed Cookbook Boys (Click To Download)

Cupcakes Joe Poster Nali Poster Shayan poster Josh Poster Tanisa Poster Zoom Poster Kwame Poster Doccia Poster Erika Poster Glenn Poster Linda Poster Cookbook PosterWinnie Poster