Statement from Positive Youth News Haringey Haringey | Local Elections 2014

It has come to our attention that we have been featured on election material for one and possibly other political parties who are seeking election in the Haringey 2014 Local Elections.

We appreciate the inclusion of our project in political party material we have seen was supportive to our hard work and did not directly imply we supported the specific party. However, it could have been misunderstood that we are associated with that party or we are working with them to be elected in some way.

We would like to make it clear that Positive Youth News Haringey is a non-partisan project run by young people and as a project has no political affiliations to any party or political group.

We made a conscious effort from the 1st May 2014 to put ourselves into Purdah, and not to engage with any party or candidate until 23rd May 2014. The reasons for our decision were:

  • We have many young followers, who are voting for the first time this year and we did not want our engagement to mistaken as endorsement or support which may influence their democratic decision.
  • Since we began our project, we have been fortunate to receive motivational support from the main parties being represented in this year’s elections and individuals who have since decided to stand as candidates. We are extremely grateful for this support and are happy we have cross-party consensus for the core objectives of our project. We feel having this support is helpful to young people in Haringey and did not want to jeopardise this by associating ourselves to one political party.

As a project we have chosen not to campaign or tackle any political issues associated with current or proposed party policy. However, we are concerned about the low numbers of young people registered to vote and low turnout of young voters in general.

Therefore we have worked closely with Haringey Council and our friends; Bite The Ballot to ensure young people are registered to vote and encourage them to vote – but the decision of who they vote for needs to be theirs and we are extremely strict not to influence their decision in anyway.

We hope that all parties respect our position and in future discuss with us any plans of our involvement if they are unclear.

We wish all candidates the best of luck on the 22nd May 2014