PYN Haringey Conduct Youth Health Survey

Download Our Check Up Consultation Report Here

One of our ‘key objectives’ (things we want to change) is to improve relationships with young people and institutions in Haringey. We believe if young people have better relationships with institutions in Haringey, it helps them lead more positive lives. One of those institutions is the NHS.

We undertook a survey for the lovely people at Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group. The purpose of our survey was to find out what young people (aged 12-24) from Haringey thought about Primary Care Services and suggestions for improvements.

Over 300 young people from across the borough took part in our survey. We found out about how young people booked/would like to book appointments; how young people obtain/would like to obtain test results; what they do to stay healthy and what they would like to change.

We have presented our report to the Haringey CCG network group and to the GPs in the borough.

We will be doing more stuff about health in the future – watch this space!!

Thanks To: Haringey CCG (Caroline Rowe) | Highgate Wood School (Mr Cozier) | Gladesmore School (Ms Coley) | Unity Radio (Beresford) | Bruce Grove Youth Centre (Akin & Mark) | Haringey 6th Form (Naz and Andrew) and of course all of the young people who took part!!

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