Time Out Magazine Campaign

A week ago, we were sent a picture of a piece in Time Out magazine that said a horrible thing about Tottenham and implied that young people from the area were likely to stab each other during their sports day! This is what happend….


We spent the rest of the week collecting items needed for our abduction plan just in case the new Time Out article was not up to our standards. We found an abandoned trolley and the rope was going cheap in B&Q Tottenham but we were worried that it was too hot to wear balaclavas!

Then this morning councillor Joe Goldberg sent us a photograph of the new Time Out article and we liked it, in fact we liked it very much! You can like it too!

Time Out

Shout out to the amazing students at Gladesmore School Tottenham, Erika Lopez Chair of Haringey Young People Empowered and Joe Hopkins, the Member of Youth Parliament for Haringey. Thank you to Alexi Duggins and Tim Arthur from Time Out.

Disclaimer: We didn’t really plan to abduct anyone!

Thank you councillor Joe Goldberg for the picture, if you ever need a shopping trolley, don’t hesitate to ask!