Stuff We’ve Done!

We at Positive Youth News Haringey are always doing new projects. Our past projects include [click each project title to find out more]:

Borough Commander’s Diary Takeover | We regularly take over the police commanders diary
Haringey Council Positive News Campaign | We challenged the council to publish more positive youth stories
Meet The Press Event | We hosted an event to introduce local youth orgs & the press together.
Networking Party | We hosted a networking party for organisations in Haringey to meet each other
Praise 2 Raise | We asked local adult leaders to say something nice about local young people
Reputation ReclaimWe ran an online campaign boasting about great local young people
Time Out CampaignWe challenged & won a campaign against Time Out after they printed something bad about Tottenham
TwitterViews We undertook live interviews on Twitter with some amazing local young people

Young people from Haringey reputations are protected. We do this by:

  • Promoting positive youth news stories in the media on our Twitter & Facebook.
  • Work with local newspapers to help them cover positive youth news stories.
  • Challenge schools & councils to ensure they promote good news stories
  • Celebrate young people in the local community (i.e. through our poster campaign).

Challenge institutions to include and work with young people. We do this by:

  • Challenge the police and their perceptions of local young people.
  • Work with the NHS Haringey & other health services to ensure young peoples needs are met
  • Ensure young people’s voices are heard in changes in council services and decisions (such as the Tottenham Regeneration).

Raise aspirations of local young people. We do this by:

  • Exposing local young people to positive peer role models.
  • Running inspirational workshops in schools alongside local positive peer role models.