Online Hustings

A hustings is basically a meeting where the candidates sit up on a stage and take questions from the audience, but it’s 2015 and we can do all of this online (we also didn’t have the money to hire a hall and PA system!)…

Over the past few weeks we got questions from young people online – we received loads of questions, some about the same thing. We selected 10 that made sure all of the issues were covered.

Now we are sending them to the candidates who have two weeks to reply (28th April). We will put the replies up on our website and you can decide who you will vote for:

The questions are:

  1. Politicians always attack our youth centres when making cuts, what would you do to protect them?
  2. Do you think the Duggan case has made it hard for the community to trust the police?
  3. Young people are the lowest voters, what can you do to increase voting participation?
  4. Do you support votes at 16?
  5. Do you think it is fair that there is a different minimum wage if you are under 18?
  6. The affordable housing being built in Haringey is not affordable, why is this allowed?
  7. Why have you chosen to stand?
  8. When are we going to see real jobs not just supermarkets or sales?
  9. Do you support the knocking down of Broadwater Farm estate?
  10. Do you think prison needs to be tougher?

Click the names of the candidates below to see how they responded. (Please note candidates are listed in surname order as they would be on the ballot paper)

Hornsey and Wood Green General Election Candidates

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Tottenham General Election Candidates

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