General Election Project

Election PYN


On May 7th there will be a general election taking place. If you are 18 by the time of the election, you will be able to vote. For some young people in Haringey this will be their first election.

PYN Haringey are running 3 projects in the run up to the general election:

  1. Registering To Vote: With our friends “Bite The Ballot” we’re encouraging young  people to register to vote. Even if you do not want to vote, at least register so that the politicians think you are and start making policies that meet your needs.
    • You can register to vote online – you just need your National Insurance number.
    • Click here to get to the Haringey Online registration page.
    • Please note; how people register to vote has changed. Maybe your mum or dad registered you last time – well this time you need to do it yourself.
  2. Election Pledges (Click Here): We have asked all candidates standing  in Haringey to pledge that should they be elected they will promote the positive contribution young people from Haringey make in society. We will be posting the pictures of the candidates who have signed up to this pledge below.
  3. Online Hustings (Click Here) : A hustings is like an interview, but the questions come from voters. We’re hosting a hustings online – you tell us what questions to ask and we’ll get the candidates to ask the top 10 questions in writing and put their answers on our website.
  4. Opinon Polls (Click Here): We want to find out how local people are intending to vote and engage more young people in the General Election.