Join Our Team

Are you aged between 15 – 25?
Do you live in Haringey?
Would you like to join our team?

Who Are We?
Positive Youth News Haringey is a movement set up by local young people just like you. Our aim is to challenge the media’s negative representation of young people and ensure the wider community does not brand us as thugs or yobs.

Why Join Us?
Many of us feel this negative reputation is effecting our ability to get jobs, allows people from outside Haringey to pre-judge us in a bad light and stops our voice being heard as we are branded as unruly or violent.

Young people in Haringey are amazing and we want the world to know about it!

What will you being doing?
The great thing about joining our team is you do what you feel comfortable doing. Some of things we already do are:

  • Write articles about the fantastic things from Haringey young people are up to.
  • Help run our Facebook and Twitter page
  • Join our campaigns team
  • Run some of our events
  • Attend meetings with decision makers about tackling the negative reputation of young people
  • Or come up with your own ideas.

How much time do I need to dedicate?
How much time you want to. The PYN Haringey team is really flexible, you do things in your own time and can commit how much time you want, fit it around your exams or job. Some of us contribute daily and some of us just work on our specific projects.

Will I get paid?
No, all of us contribute to this project voluntarily.

If you want to join our team, either send your CV to info[at] or complete the form below.

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